We are Buffalo Writers

Like the Buffalo, we can be likened to its enormous stature but now in the field of writing. Writing calls for something more than just having well-coordinated fingers that know what keys to press in the keyboard. We are the introverts who are extroverted only in writing; we speak our mind and other people’s without them knowing that they are our subject of discussion. We think of the future that not even scientists can see, we bring the past to life in the most refreshing way ever. We pen down your best and worst days. We fancy when there is a conflict because that’s a story in waiting. We make people cry, and we are never empathetic to them. We are murderers; we kill our characters when they grow horns. We are the best people to consult when you want to name a child; we do that every day by naming characters in our stories, you know? We are the coolest people to associate with.

At Bufalowrites.com, we are a team of endowed writers who blog on various topical issues depending on the writer’s interest at heart. As long as our ink flows, we promise to eat, sleep, drink and think of ideas of what to write next. If our inks threaten to run dry, we get inspiration from where we have come from; it’s been one long, rocky but worthy journey that we can’t dare to give up now. We offer consultation services to budding writers and fast essay writing service for everyone in need of quality content. We are happy to help everyone looking to master their skills if they are serious about taking up writing as a craft and a way to live great lives.

Also, we write for other people if they request us to. There are so many things to be written on; birthday messages, email address’ bodies, marketing stunts on social media platforms, thank you notes, speeches just for mentioning but a few. We touch lives with our ability to curve words. We expose that which has not been brought to the limelight in a unique way, and we are the reason that you read. If we don’t write what will you read? You are our sources of motivation and because you silently tell us to keep writing because you read religiously. We are made of ink and paper, and that’s the only sword we are proud of.