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Have you been looking for an opportunity to better your skills in writing and make a name for yourself? Look no further; you have just landed to the land of opportunity and you better not look back. All you need is to be a free thinker who puts down their thoughts on paper and let people read your work. Whether you a journalist, a citizen journalist or a trained one, it is here that you will share your pieces at liberty as long as it meets the threshold, keeping in mind ethics in journalism and whatnot.

For writers who are not journalists, we are not locking you out; you are free to pour your creative juices on our website. As you are reading this, take that laptop and type whatever idea you have on your head. That one that you have always wanted to write down but you didn’t know where to publish. We will work on that for you.

Joining us is as fast as going to ease yourself after being pressed in forever number of years. You send us an email address, and we will get back to you almost immediately. All you need is to prove to us that you are the pin we’ve been looking for in a haystack. Once we approve you, you are free to start sharing your articles as soon as you can. Many people are waiting to read you. Here is a platform you can’t afford to miss being associated with.